Psychic Readings Los AngelesOne of my specialities is seeing the unconscious repressed emotions that have led to illness or dis-ease in the body . Also, the unconscious reasons for other people’s behavior towards the client. This can make it much easier to comprehend and deal effectively with the behavior of a boss, a child, spouse or a co-worker. I excel at working with people who are confronting serious crisis—another gift that I learned after years of working in hospital emergency rooms.

My sessions are held either long- distance by telephone or Skype and I have clients all over the world. Or else, clients can come to me in person at my office in Encino, California. I am also available to provide readings at private events, parties, or corporate events. I usually begin each reading with a spread of tarot cards that either the client selects or I select on their behalf if the session is long distance. These cards show me a general picture of what is going on in the life of the client and from there other necessary information begins to flood or stream to me. On occasion I will be prompted to gaze into my crystal ball. Psychics in Los AngelesIf the session is in person I will at times also use personal items (jewelry, watch, a scarf, etc.) belonging to the client and receive further important vibrations or information from that item. The client is encouraged to ask questions if they need additional information. I have worked with many celebrities and stars of TV and film throughout my career and my clients are usually very enthusiastic , satisfied, and I get lots and lots of glowing testimonials all the time. I love my career and and it is my passion and an honor for me to help and support people in this way. I am very grateful to have been given these gifts

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